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For stores, technical services, hotels or hospitals, our remote controls solve the problem of substitution.

They will never be obsolete thanks to daily updates.

Simply +

Remote control television with reduced functionality, especially for older persons

Simply Digital TV

Remote control to facilitate the operation of satellite receiver or DTT (changing channels) and a TV (volume control), two devices without switching each key acts on each apparatus.


Range up to 4 devices in models of 1in1, 2in1 and 4in1. Control every kind of audio / video device: such as TV / DTV / SAT / DVD / BLURAY / PROJECTORS / SOUNDBAR / MEDIA CENTER PC, even major Hi-Fi. All brands, all functions of your original included remote control.

Hotel TV

Remote control, ideal for sector Hospital and Hotel. Without MENU (no more mismatches by users) has the essential functions, just think that key issues must touch. You can control a TV and if you want two devices eg TV and DTT with changing channels on both devices. Assistance to develop customized, special codes.


Currently the remote control for air conditioning AirCo is the most complete of the market, with a value unmatched pre-programmed with codes 2000 covers the vast majority of production models. All functions of the original remote control ago and in many models the improvement. The controller is programmed directly by entering codes or through automatic search without a computer.

Over 260.000 codes

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